Beautiful Me

makeover photoshoots

So much better than a selfie, these are photos you'll hang on your wall.


This is a laughter-filled makeover photo shoot, and an opportunity to be lifted up and celebrated by other women.

Your consultation starts with a peek at the outfits you've brought along and your Pinterest mood board. 

Then a professional makeup artist and a professional hair stylist work together to emphasize your best features and create a look that will complement your wardrobe for the shoot..

This is followed by ​a 90-minute photo session capturing the moods you want to create.


These photos will be a daily reminder of just how great you look in this moment, and will bring a smile to your face as you look back and remember this experience in years to come.



Make the most of your stunning look by booking it to coincide with a special night out.

2019 05 Julie073 .jpg
2019 05 Tina 088.jpg
2019 06 Maysie 214.jpg