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family photoshoots

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Two weeks or thirty-two years; however old they are, they will always be your baby, and there is nothing like beautiful photographs to capture memories of them as they grow up.  

And because of the way our shoots are structured, these become more than just photographs; they become a reminder of a special day with lots of fun and laughter.

For our shoots, we ask that each person brings at least one thing that is important to them;  a teddy, a guitar, a necklace, a leather jacket - let your imagination run free.

Do you have a pet who's part of the family?  Bring them along too!

Everyone is welcome.

Your shoot takes place in a studio and/or other setting of your choice to give you a wide selection of photos to choose from.​

Just like the personalities in your family, our photography is varied to reflect that.  We will capture a little bit of everything for everybody.

And if you're planning a newborn shoot, click here for our downloadable guide to preparing for it.

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