Don't save that dress for best

This little one was in an adorable little romper suit when she arrived at my studio for her a family photo shoot. It was cute, girly and perfect for the hot day, and we got some lovely shots of her and her parents outdoors.

We then went back into the studio.

"Have you brought another outfit you'd like to change her into?" I asked.

"Yes", her mother replied. "I brought along this dress. She's not worn it yet because I've been saving it, it's so nice." And with that she showed me a gorgeous, brightly printed summer dress.

Anybody who has had a baby knows how quickly they grow, so I couldn't stop myself from gasping "No! You must put her in it all the time! Don't save it for best or she'll grow out of it before she's had a chance to wear it!".

What I was remembering were all the gorgeous little outfits I had for my daughter when she was a baby and how I'd "saved them for best" and she ended up wearing them only once before I realised she'd outgrown them.

And the same should go for us adults. Ladies, do not save that matching underwear for "best". Wear it every time it's clean and back in your drawer. You never know when your time on this earth might be up, and what good will it be to you then?

You want to wear a tiara to the supermarket? Go for it, I say! Life is short, it passes by in a flash.

I spent far too much of my 30's thinking "I'll be happy when... "

After a few years, I realised life was passing me by while I was waiting for this or that to come along - and that I was missing out on now.

So wear the dress, the tiara, the matching underwear. You never know when you won't be able to do those things anymore.

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