Feeling unappreciated?

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Learn how women can avoid being taken for granted and keep that spark alive in relationships.

It requires effort but you might be surprised to learn what else it involves.

Here's the secret.

When we feel unappreciated, we tend to go buy ourselves a quick "feel better" fix. These include:

- buying a new lipstick, despite having four lipsticks the same shade

- buying a new pair of shoes, handbag or an outfit which gets hidden in a cupboard until we can honestly answer "no, this isn't new, I've had it ages!"

- treating ourselves to a spa weekend which leaves us relaxed - until we walk back through the front door to children, cooking, washing, housework, etc.

But here's the thing.

If a woman spends time rediscovering herself and seeing that she is attractive - beautiful in fact - and that her best features are still there, she starts to realise that SHE is the one who has forgotten to appreciate herself.

This isn't about being comfortable in your skin, it's about being confident in it, embracing it, loving it!

This is about reconnecting with your sensuality and learning to appreciate yourself - through the power of photography.

There are no barriers to joining the women who have discovered the powerful experience of being uplifted by other women through a makeover or boudoir shoot.

These women have been sensitively guided through an experience which leaves them with a spring in their step, excited to see the finished photos and show them to their other half.

You see, the experience of the shoot is as important as the photos, which act as tangible, daily reminders of how awesome they are, how good they look, that they have still GOT IT!

These photos also encourage partners to stop and really LOOK at what they see every day, to see it through FRESH EYES, see the confidence shining through.

B-Me portrait and boudoir photography is a studio in a rural setting where privacy and peacefulness, combined with creative energy, provides a safe environment for women to appreciate what they see in the mirror, and to rekindle their relationship with themselves and their partners.

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