Not your typical engagement shoot

My daughter, Steph, got #engaged in September 2016. It took them the best part of three years to choose a wedding venue (#Tinos, a Greek island).

She asked me if I would take some engagement photos for the wedding invitations and of course I gladly agreed.

Now when she said "engagement photos", I immediately thought of something romantic; a bit of sun-flare in a golden field, capturing them in silhouette. Or maybe him throwing her over his shoulder with her flashing her engagement ring to the camera.

But of course I'd forgotten how quirky my daughter can be. Despite having responsible jobs in financial investment companies, Steph and her fiancé, Andrew, are big kids at heart. In fact, they are probably the biggest kids I know.

Andrew asked me to take photos against a green screen so I could edit in dinosaurs and/or superheroes around them. He gave me a very long list of celebrities he'd like put in the background, obviously including his hero, #ArnoldSchwarzenegger

And Steph had her own ideas. When she saw the farm vehicles parked up, she couldn't help herself. I drew the line though at her climbing to the top of the cherry picker - health and safety and all that.

"I hate photos" Andrew mutters under his breath.

Next, I tried to get something a little more traditional. But Andrew was having none of it. This is the face of a man who is muttering under his breath that he hates photos.

In the end, this was the photo they chose for the wedding invitation...

They did however choose something a bit more traditional to go on their wedding website:

I'm so looking forward to watching these two get married next year (May 2020) although I've been banned from bringing my camera as they want me to enjoy the day as a guest.

Part of me thinks I should warn their wedding photographer that a camera unleashes a naughty imp in Steph and a grumpy child in Andrew. Another part of me thinks it might be quite fun to sit back and let him work it out on his own. :-)

Either way, those are photos I can't wait to see!

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