Once in a lifetime? Probably not.

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Many women think that having a boudoir or makeover shoot is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but so many of my clients return again and again.

In the case of this beauty, she had her boudoir shoot last year and is now booked in for a maternity shoot - and I can't wait! (Congratulations by the way!)

It was wonderful to witness her confidence build during her first shoot as she began to realise she IS very photogenic. She initially had trouble believing she was looking at photos of herself, but as the reality sunk in, she started to really own the shoot and her flourishing self-esteem shines through.

I have every confidence that her shoot next month will be just as good or better. This time she has the advantage of knowing me and what to expect and my camera is positively itching to start on her shoot!

I've also bought some gorgeous stretch-lace, full length maternity dresses for my upcoming maternity shoots, similar to the one below. (This stunner was also a returning client and has given me a heads up that she wants another boudoir shoot next year!)

And at my recent open day, every past client who attended said they planned to have another shoot. There were (happy) tears shed from some as they recalled how good they felt during their experience and how transformative the experience was for them.

Much of my work now is repeat business, as people come up with new ideas for a shoot, their circumstances change or they just want to enjoy that feeling again of seeing themselves through the eyes of another.

I'm so grateful for my clients' loyalty and trusting me to give them a safe space to grow their confidence and see themselves in a whole new light, and I can't wait to see what the next few months bring my way!

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