The quirkiest maternity shoot... EVER!

In 2018, I offered a free boudoir shoot including all processed images on a USB on #Facebook. The winner was this gorgeous lady and her photos were simply stunning.

She was quite shy and quiet at first, but she trusted me and we got some great shots.

Then, in June this year, I had a message from her, asking if I do maternity photography.

Do I do maternity photography??? YES, YES and YES!!!

With that we set a date for the middle of July and started planning what she should bring. Then three days before the shoot, she sent me the following message:

I said yes, but really didn't know quite what to expect.

It all started out pretty normal, with some traditional family shots.

As they began to relax in front of the camera, things started getting a bit livelier. You see, their lad enjoys dancing, singing and acting, so he was anything but camera shy and came up with plenty of ideas for different shots. In fact, once he got warmed up, it was difficult to stop him!

I'm always happy to include the ideas children come up with; sometimes they think more freely and creatively than the adults and I'm always open to new ideas!

We went back to the studio to get a few more maternity shots, while her husband got into the Storm Trooper outfit. That in itself was a bit of a process! Fair play to him though, it was an impressive suit and he had made it all himself.

This is a really fun family, so I embraced their humour and ran with it, and we got some unique photos. I doubt very much anyone else will have a similar photo on their wall...

My very patient client then decided it was time to reclaim her hijacked maternity shoot and we finished up with these gorgeous photos. I particularly love the one of her in the field looking at the camera.

I can honestly say this was the quirkiest shoot I've done, but also one of the most fun.

And keep an eye out for my blog about their new arrival - and what they named him!

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